When you are in love, and recently started dating a new person, you may feel like shouting it out to the world. Once upon a time, that meant telling friends, family, and co-workers. Today, with most people using some form of social media, that could mean announcing it to hundreds or even thousands of people. It may seem harmless to gush about your love online, but is it really? Here are a few benefits of keeping your relationship off social media.

  1. Don’t become hooked on validation. Does it matter what your best friend from 1st grade who you haven’t seen in years thinks of the anniversary  dinner you have planned? No! If you don’t get as many likes as you expected after going “Facebook public” with your relationship, does that change how you feel about your partner? It shouldn’t! Keeping your relationship off of social media helps to keep you in tune with your partner, and your relationship, and not what others think about it.
  1. Are you over-sharing? Some moments in a relationship are meant to be kept between you and your partner. Did you share a beautiful sunset while on vacation together? Put the camera away and just enjoy! An element of magic is lost when you try to capture those meaningful moments to post on social media. Keep some things sacred and special.
  1. Once you post it, you can’t take it back. Every couple has arguments, and everyone gets annoyed with their partners from time to time. Keeping these issues off of Facebook shows respect for your partner and your relationship. It also prevents minor disagreements from turning into full-blown fights. Before posting, stop to imagine how you would feel if your partner aired grievances about you in front of everyone the two of you know. Sit down and settle arguments face to face in real-time, and keep it off social media.

Sharing every aspect of our lives on social media has become commonplace, but there are many benefits to keeping your relationship between you and your partner.

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