In both good and bad economies, leaders and executives want it all. They want to remain at the top of their professional game; the respect of their colleagues and peers; a premium lifestyle that reflects their premium tastes; and, even though many won’t admit it, they do want a successful love life.

And yet, for all their success and skill at business, many executives are less successful at love than they might hope. They try internet dating. They get setup with friends of friends. They go to all the places and do all the things they can think of to meet the right person only to end up disappointed in the end.

One very effective way top executives can become more successful at love is to work with a qualified matchmaking service.


1. It is More Effective Than Internet Dating

For some people internet dating seems easy, but it’s actually not as time-effective for busy executives as you might presume. Internet dating takes time out of your day and the return isn’t always what you’d expect.

One of the most frequent complaints I get from former internet daters is how disappointed they are when they finally meet matches in person. In far too many cases, the reality simply does not live up to the online hype, and matches rarely have as much in common in person as when they are tailoring responses to your profile. Working with a professional matchmaker is a great option for busy executives because we ensure quality dates by taking the time to screen potential matches. All of our prospective matches are 9s or 10s who are screened thoroughly, so they can’t hide behind the glamour shots and great profile writing.

When deciding whether to proceed with any dating option, consider how much time you want to invest, what type of man/woman you are looking to meet and be prepared to expect the unexpected. Good luck, you’re going to need it!

2. It Generates Better Leads Than Traditional Introductions

Where do I begin comparing matchmaking services to traditional introductions?

If you have spare time, you are looking to generate dating “leads” and you’re ok with quantity over quality, then Internet dating is for you. You can choose from a variety of Internet dating search gimmicks, but they all require lots of time and you’re guaranteed some entertaining “horror date” stories. If your friends and family have extensive social networks, you can engage them to find matches. But, they don’t typically have access to the kind of single matches you’re looking for (the 9’s and 10’s) or they’re sequestered in the “Married With Kids” world themselves.

If neither of these sounds appealing, it’s worth your while to hire a professional matchmaker, just like you would an executive coach or personal trainer–the results are customized to your preferences, great dates are guaranteed and you receive the coaching and feedback you can’t get any other way. Whatever you choose, I applaud your decision to be intentional about love and dating.

3.  It is Less Tedious Than “Playing the Field”

Playing the field is perfectly fine, and can be a lot of fun. But, it can also be tedious and time-consuming with minimal return on your time investment.

Executive matchmaking services are great for individuals who don’t have time to “play the field” or who have found that the field is full weeds. In fact, matchmaking services can be even more beneficial for someone who attracts a large number of potential dates because professional matchmakers can act as a personal consultant to help you focus on the premium matches.

The bottom line is that quantity does not mean quality. Chances are you haven’t mastered the art of truly finding the diamonds in the rough-the matches with whom you’ll have the most common interests, goals, lifestyle, and the ones who are 9s and 10s. Matchmaking services emphasize quality over quantity and help you ensure that time spent getting to know someone is not time wasted.

4. Professional Matchmakers Help Create a Strategy

It’s no secret that winning in love takes work, just like winning in business. So, why is it that many single executive succeed in their careers, but not in love and romance?

As a professional matchmaker, this is one of my most frequently asked questions. The answers actually depend on the person’s Social Type. Here are the five primary Social Types we’ve encountered in our work with single executives over the past 10 years. Which one are YOU?

  • Career Climber – On the upswing of your career, you’ve never lived in one city for more than 2 years and enjoy living life to the fullest!
  • Workaholic – Success is the greatest thrill of all, and work is an escape. Subsequently, social skills tend suffer, as you think that success will attract the right match.
  • Shock Recovery Cynic – You’re divorced or have gone through a rough breakup. Getting back into dating can be tough, and you’re probably feeling overwhelmed.
  • Successful, But Socially Awkward – Sure, you’re popular, but you’re having trouble attracting the kind of women you desire.
  • Too Type A For Your Own Good – Organized and disciplined, you look like the perfect match on paper. But your planning and analysis make finding love (which is unpredictable!) hard to do.

As an executive matchmaker, I’ve learned that an executive’s social type determines the best strategy for finding matches-where to look, what adjustments to make, and what mindsets to tweak to guarantee great dates and a perfect match. If you’re a single executive, the key is realizing that you can, and you deserve, to have it all. Whatever your social type, you can win in your career and win in love!

5. Matchmakers Help You Make Your Love Life A Priority

Whether the end goal is marriage or a significant relationship partner, love and romance ranks high on the executive’s list of must-haves-right up there with money and success. I know this firsthand. And yet many executives also fail to realize that success in love is like success at work-you have to make it a priority.

How can a matchmaker make your love life a priority?

  • Consult on looks – That’s right, you’re not the only one worried about physical chemistry. I always tell my clients not to let their bank accounts do all the heavy lifting. We consult with all our clients on both the internal and external influences affecting their love lives.
  • Ambition is key – While most executives strive for the credentials, portfolios and extracurriculars with gusto, they often forget to apply that same desire for success to their love lives. I always work with my clients to setup a reasonable plan for their love lives.
  • Even personal lives need to be scheduled – In today’s 24-7 work-life cycle, all successful leaders are on a schedule. I always work with my clients to put time on their schedule for their personal life-at least two or three times per week-so they are sure to have time with family, friends, and peers outside of work.


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